3D viewer, configurator, augmented reality, and scroll telling

Go for a visual product experience

Configure every option

3D product configurator

Let customers choose colors, enter text, add images, and select additional options. Present your customizable products in layered 2D or through an interactive 3D experience. Set dependencies or required options if applicable. You also have control over pricing.

Present every detail

3D product viewer

Provide customers with a detailed view of your products. Add 3D rendering to existing product photos or replace them entirely with 3D rendering.
Present your products in 3D on category pages, search results, and the product detail page. And if your products are customizable with interesting options, set up the product configurator.

Show products where they end up

Augmented Reality

One of the most innovative ways to give customers an immersive product experience is augmented reality (AR). AR allows customers to virtually experience products as if they were physically present. They can view the product from different angles and zoom in on details. This increases engagement and gives customers a realistic view of how the product looks and functions.

Scroll telling van een prullenbak
Tell your product story, interactively in 3D

3D scroll telling

3D scroll telling is an innovative technique that brings products to life on the screen. It combines the power of 3D visualization with the interactive aspect of scrolling on a webpage, resulting in an immersive experience for the user.

While the user scrolls down, the webpage reveals specific aspects of the product in 3D

Easily present product content in a consistent way

Design product pages in style

The right visual presentation of your content and products is crucial in conveying the right experience. The customer journey should be natural, consistent, and attractive, with a wow factor. To achieve this in the Visual eCommerce platform, a standardized design system is used.

As UX-export Proud Nerds ensures the platform provides a streamlined user interface with logical clickflow.

Guide your customers to the right product

Visual product selection

Enhance your product selection funnel with an immersive experience. Optimize the presentation and easy of use by embracing the production selection functionality in Visual eCommerce.

Inspire.Configure. Play Wear Experience Decorate Drive Produce

Why 3D in eCommerce?

40% more conversion

The willingness to make a purchase is increased because customers can view everything in detail. No detail goes unnoticed.

Fewer returns

Customers have a better understanding of what they are ordering. It meets expectations earlier, reducing the return percentage.

3D render as a photo

Instead of using traditional product photos or as a addition to them, 3D can provide the solution. By replacing product photography with 3D models, you can save costs.

Product awareness

Let your customers become ambassadors of your product by sharing the cool experience. Innovation speaks.

Why the Visual eCommerce Product Configurator

Suitable for complex products

The model and preset manager make it possible to configure very complex products. This includes dependencies between options, price calculations, connectivity, and text validation.

CPQ - Streamline to the production process

Set the underlying data in the configurator so that the production process can start immediately. All choices made by your customers are recorded in the quotes and orders.

Lead generator for marketing

Use the configurator for cool marketing campaigns. Let customers easily share created configurations as cool designs.

Unique model & preset manager

The platform is designed for product configuration and then expanded for Visual eCommerce. The platform DNA breathes product configuration building blocks.

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