E-commerce Personalization

Provide your customers with a personal shopping experience.
Get to know your customers. Guide and direct them towards the ultimate shopping experience and maximize results.

What is eCommerce personalization?

With eCommerce personalization, you create tailored online interactions and experiences for your customers. By getting to know your customer and cleverly using data about their behavior and preferences, you can impress and guide your customer in your webshop.
By engaging with your customers based on personal data and user activity, they get the experience of an eCommerce platform tailored to them as individuals.
The application of personalization is based on data input, conditional rules, and action output.
A user has certain customer characteristics or performs specific actions. Based on this information, if the set conditional rules are met, the personalized action can be executed. 


Use relevant customer data as a source for eCommerce personalization.
Manage the data in the Business Manager or directly read the data via an API connection with a CDP, CRM, or ERP application. 

Rules and conditions

Define the rules yourself and set them in the flexible Rules Engine. Utilize the standard set of rules or, together with Proud Nerds, create new rules that suit your business case.


Determine what needs to happen. There are many built-in standard actions available for personalizing prices, content, assortment, and webshop functions such as shipping and payment methods. 

Let's get personal

E-Commerce personalization

Communicate personally to your customers and guide them during their online shopping experience to achieve optimal results. Use relevant customer data to stay ahead of the competition and respond in real-time to user actions. With personalization, you tailor your content, communication, and offerings to the people visiting your webshop. You convey a relevant message in the right format at the right moment in the customer journey. The more you know about your visitor, the more relevant you can be, and the better their user experience will be.

The possibilities of Visual eCommerce personalization listed: 

Pricing and discounts

Up- and cross selling
Configurator personalization
Product catalog and presentation
Content and data
Shipping and payment methods

Why e-commerce personalization?

Higher average order value

Increase the average order value by personalizing the purchase process.

Loyalty and Engagement

Connect customers to your brand and involve them in your online activities.

Higher conversion

Purchase willingness is increased through the right application of personalization. Consequently, boost the conversion rate.

Serve customers according to agreements

Serve customers based on agreements regarding prices, assortment, and conditions.

Set the personalization rules yourself

Personalization Manager

Define personalization rules based on customer data and conditions. Link one or more actions to be executed. Easily, without the need for a single line of code. Set a date range, use customer tags, or combine customer properties in the rules engine. 

Manage customer data in the integrated CDP (Customer Data Platform). Or connect with your own CRP, CRM, or ERP through a real-time API connection. Whether it's personalizing product offerings, prices, texts, or webshop functions, the personalization manager makes it possible.

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