Getting started with Visual eCommerce

How does Visual eCommerce fit into your eCommerce strategy?
Setup for every scenario

Integrate our configurator into your website or shop.

There are numerous use cases applicable to the implementation of Visual eCommerce. A great product experience is central to this, with the product configurator playing the most prominent role. 

Visual eCommerce is a modular platform built on a headless microservices architecture. This is precisely why the platform for instance offers the possibility to add only the product configurator, even to an existing website or eCommerce application.

Read more about how you can add the 3D product configurator to your existing e-commerce strategy.

Standalone Integration

2D and 3D configurator

Expand your eCommerce strategy with the product configurator. Add it to your existing site or webshop. Allow your customers to request quotes or place direct orders. 

Modular Platform

Enterprise Visual eCommerce

Engage in a strategy session with the business consultants at Proud Nerds and determine the desired setup and phasing together. For example:

The modular landscape enables case specific setup. From just the product configurator with quote request (CPQ) to the full platform.
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Getting Started with Visual eCommerce

We are curious about your ambitions! We would be happy to explain what Visual eCommerce can mean for you within your eCommerce strategy.