Add our 3D product configurator to your existing website or webshop.
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Increase your order value and conversion through a great customer experience

Why visual 3D experience & personalization?

Our 3D configurator offers a wide range of benefits that transform the user experience, from unlimited design possibilities to real-time visualization and seamless personalization of your products. The results are immediately reflected in your revenue figures.

40% more conversion

The willingness to make a purchase is increased because customers can view everything in detail. No detail goes unnoticed.

10% more sales

By employing eCommerce personalization and the 3D configurator, the average order value increases by 10%.

Fewer returns

Customers have a better understanding of what they are ordering. It meets expectations earlier, reducing the return percentage.

Product awareness

Let your customers become ambassadors of your product by sharing the cool experience. Innovation speaks.

Integrate the 3D product configurator

Does your organization already have a website or eCommerce application? You can further expand your possibilities with the visual experience 3D product configurator. The 3D configurator functions, among other things, as a standalone web application, including CPQ quote request functionality. But it goes even further. You can directly integrate the created configuration with the shopping cart API of your e-commerce solution. This allows you to get started with Visual eCommerce right away without having to replace your existing applications immediately.

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In order to grow, you need to improve. To make sure more prospects convert into customers. An essential part of this is a clear product presentation: make it as easy as possible for customers to visualize a product. In fact, ensure that they "experience" the product. Ideally, as tangible and personalized as possible.

3D viewer, configurator, augmented reality, and scroll telling

Go for visual product experience

Present every little detail

3D product display

Configure every option

3D product configurator​

Show products where they end up

Augmented Reality​

Tell your product story, interactively in 3D

3D scroll telling​

Manage every aspect of your product configurator

Model & Preset Manager​

Visual eCommerce is more than our 3D configurator

Product configurator van een bank
3D configurator for Visual Experience

Exceed your customer's expectations through a unique product experience.

Present and customize your products with an optimal visual experience. From high-quality photos to 2D or state-of-the-art 3D with Augmented Reality (AR). Zoom, rotate, swipe, and animate down to the smallest details. Manage and maintain everything easily using the model and preset managers.

E-commerce Personalization

Personalization is key when it comes to optimizing user experience and increasing conversion. Think of personalized content, products, prices, and functionality.

Offer your customers the ability to customize your products with unique personalization options. Provide your customers with a personalized customer journey.

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Headless Composable

The platform is built on microservices and APIs, ready to integrate with your ERP/CRM, BI data, Production, PIM, or Marketing automation applications. Your customers experience all of this in a super-fast PWA (Progressive Web App). Enter the world of Composable Commerce. Flexible and ready for the future. 

Visual eCommerce

The platform for manufacturers of products and e-commerce companies.

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