Headless Composable Commerce

E-commerce platform for product experience
Visual eCommerce is a platform based on headless micro-service architecture.
Opt for scalability, high performance, future continuity, and connectivity.

What is Composable Commerce

Headless Composable Commerce is an e-commerce landscape where various applications come together. A "traditional" webshop application often cannot respond quickly enough to market developments and usually has only a few core functionalities. At the same time, certain functionalities essential for your specific business case may be missing. Flexibility in the use of applications and features is of great value in today's online commercial strategy. The approach of Headless Composable Commerce allows companies to move and grow with market developments. It can be seen as a building kit where the blocks form a solid construction when stacked together.

What is Headless

The term "Headless" in the context of web applications can be literally read as "without a head" Here, the "head" is considered the front end of the web application, i.e., the interface customers use to look up information or order products.
On the other hand, the backend, the management system, is seen as the back end of the web application. The beauty of Headless Composable Commerce is that you can use an application without using the front end of the same application. In many cases, the "head" of the application is customized as a separate front end.
In this, exactly the functions and appearance are implemented that fit your specific business case, and this is adjusted for suitable devices.

Setup according to the business case

Together, we define the best applications and setup suitable for your business case. Determining this can, of course, be done in a strategy phase. Together, we combine this into a tailor-made scalable "Headless Composable Commerce" solution. Whether it's linking the commerce process to the production process or making information available to apps, marketplaces, wearables, social sales channels, or websites.

For example, you can choose to set up and integrate only the 3D product configurator on an existing website or eCommerce application.

The Visual eCommerce platform includes a wide range of standard applications, which are explained below.

Visual eCommerce - Headless Composable Commerce

Standard applications

Native mobile app experience from any browser

React PWA

The "front end" of the platform is realized as a PWA. The mobile experience is optimized for what users are accustomed to. Swiping, sliding, zooming, and maximum use of screen space. Thanks to PWA performance optimizations, it is lightning fast. Users can easily add the application to their home screen, just like any other app. The content pages even can score a 100/100 in Google Pagespeed.


Magento 2

Enterprise Visual eCommerce uses Magento 2 as the foundation for the webshop functionalities. With the extensive order management module, a significant part of a CRM or ERP system can even be integrated.

Some of the standard available functionalities include customer management, order management, quotes, product catalog management, shipping methods and costs, discount codes and rules, data export, and much more.

Of course, the webshop contains everything needed for an optimal shopping experience and increasing conversion. This includes social login via Facebook or Google, rich product pages, and an optimized checkout.

PSP integrations available as standard
Content Management (Website CMS)


WordPress serves as the engine for website content and SEO optimization. It allows content editors and designers to work freely within the brand guidelines. Using editor widgets, beautifully designed pages can be quickly and efficiently created with sliders, collages, banners, and call-to-action elements. All of this is, of course, displayed in a visually stunning presentation.

CDP - Personalisatie - Configurator Management

Business Manager

The Business Manager is a data management application created by the React team at Proud Nerds. The manager allows the management of additional customer data, the establishment of personalization rules, and the maintenance of product configurator models. 
Manage, copy, and import data. Or connect it to your CRM, CDP, or ERP application. 

De Visual eCommerce Business Manager
logo Active Campign and SendGrid
Marketing Automation

Sendgrid / Active Campaign

Optimizing transactional e-commerce email communication is essential in interacting with customers. All transactional email communication such as customer registrations, orders, and shipping notifications are linked to Sendgrid. Design emails to perfection and communicate the right message. Additionally, you can track whether emails have been successfully delivered and read.

Automate marketing follow-up using leading Marketing Automation applications such as ActiveCampaign. Thanks to the data linkage with ActiveCampaign, you know exactly what customers are going to order. Communicate before the ordering process or follow up with predefined actions.

API and database connectivity & script integrations

Your company tailored application

The applications within the platform communicate with each other via GraphQL APIs. Connecting additional applications is possible in a similar manner.

The data layer can be connected to external data systems via a data queue. Such as Google Bigquery and PowerBI.

Applying script integrations is standard functionality. 
Integrate your application of choice, such as VWO, Analytics, Tag Manager, Cookie compliance, Hotjar, Chat, and more. 

logo van GraphQL API

Why a Headless Composable Commerce Platform?

Connectivity to the business case

Connect your CRM, ERP, data warehouse, PIM, and production software. This way, you are fully in control.

Native app experience, super-fast

The right presentation and experience, regardless of the type of device. The PWA application provides a Native Mobile App experience without the challenges of costly App Store and OS maintenance.

Scalable and flexible

Use what is needed when it is needed. Scaling up or down in functionality and technology is possible.

Read for the future

The headless platform grows with the market and possibilities. Updating parts of the application landscape is, after all, less work than complete replacement.

Not just CPQ but also CPO

From presentation to production and logistics

While other web applications have "Configure, Price, Quote," Enterprise Visual eCommerce goes a step further. 

ERP & CRM integration

Bring data from an ERP or CRM into the applications. And deliver e-commerce data such as customer information, quotes, and orders.

Export production data

The order and configuration data can be set up so that the production process can continue directly.

Statistics, BI, and Data Warehouse

Easily unlock data for external applications for data analysis.

Fulfillment integration

Optimize logistics by providing fulfillment partners with ready-to-use order data.

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